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Courses Details

B.A. Afzal-ul-Ulama 


Course Details

It is a three year Degree course. Now the course follows the choice and credit semester system adopted by the University. There are six semesters altogether having two semesters in each academic year.

Eligibility to join the B A course is a pass in A/U Preliminary  / Plus two /VHSE Exams.

Course Structure

First Semester- Five Papers
   ENG1A01-  Common: English
AFU1A02- Studies in Arabic Grammar
ARB1A07 -Language Skills in Arabic
AFU1B01- Fiqh Literature
Complementary-Functional Arabic
Second Semester-Five Papers
ENG2A04 -Common: English
AFU2A03-History of Arabs
ARB2A08-Appreciating Arabic Literature
AFU2B02- Applied Grammar
Complementary-Commercial and Media Writing in Arabic
Third Semester-Five Papers
ENG3A05-Common: English
ARB3A09-Reading Arabic Prose and Poetry
AFU3B03-Elements of Arabic Language
AFU3B04-History of Classical Literature
Complementary-Commercial and Media writing in Arabic
Fourth Semester-Five Papers
ARB4A10-Appreciating Arabic Literature
AFU4B05- Classical Literature Part1
AFU4B06-History of Islamic and Umayyad literature
Complementary-Functional Arabic
Fifth Semester-Five Papers
AFU5B07-Hadeeth Literature
AFU5B08-Rhetorics and Prosody
AFU5B09-History of Medieval Literature
AFU5B10-Classical Literature
Open Course
Sixth Semester- Six Papers:
AFU6B11-Modern Prose
AFU6B12-Medieval & Modern Poetry
AFU6B13-History of Modern Arabic Literature
AFU6B14-Novel &Short story
AFU6B16-Indian Writings in Arabic

Fee Structure

• The tuition fee Rs 5000/_ will be collected in three installments. All the students have to pay the tuition fee due as on date and all special fees for the year at the time of admission.
• If any student fails to pay the fees or special fee on the due date she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs 10/_ along with the fees on or before the 10th after the due date(or on the next working day in case the 10th day is a holiday)
• Students leaving the college in between the completion of course shall be clear of all dues.
• The annual attendance, Progress and Conduct Certificates will not be forwarded to the university unless the student clears all dues to the college at the time, and unless the student shows satisfactory progress and conduct.

Issue of Certificates
• Application for certificate should be made at least two days in advance.
• Conduct Certificates will be issued along with the transfer certificate when the student has completed the course.Rs.5/- will be charged for every certificate.
• No certificate will be issued from the college unless the principal is satisfied with the reason stated by the applicant for such certificate.
• Application for transfer certificate should be made in the prescribed form not later than the term first attended by the student.The certificate will be issued in the case of those who have appeared for the examination only after the publication of the University Examination Results. A late fee of Rs. 15/- should be paid for all applications received after the prescribed time.